Celtii in Dacia Porolissensis

Subiect: The Celts from Dacia Porolissensis This paper deals with the colonists of Celtic origin from Dacia Porolissemis. Numerous military and civilian elements immigrated to Dacia from the provinces of Celtic s1tbstratum during and after the conquering campaigns. Among the ethnical and cultural elements coming from the Occident, those coming from the territories of Celtic substratum constitute a considerable group, having an important weight in the spreading of the Roman provincial civilization in Dacia Porolissensis. Beside the Celtic colonists coming from the nearby provinces (Pannonia, Noricum), in Dacia Porolissensis are also well represented the Celts from West (mainly from Britannia). The Celtic antrophonymes, the auxiliary units which wear a Celtic Ethicon, the elements of the material culture, as well as the presence of the Celto-Germanic beliefs, clearly fra.me out the Celtic. ethno-cultural horizon in Dacia Porolissensis.

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