Necropola din sec.II-III d.Chr. De la - Izvoare - Bahna, jud. Neamt

Subiect: The cremation necropolis from Izvoare-Bahna, Neamt district, was investigated trough preservative digging in two campaigns in 1967 and 1979 uncovering 33 cremation graves. From the 33 cremation graves, seven from them were just simple holes, where were discovered a few bones fragments burned in fire and some parts of pottery, usually made in a fine way at the potters wheel, in connection with some rituals of free local (daci) a population since II-III cetury A.C. The holes from this graves had an oval shape with a small deepness and that because of the soil erosion and floods, remaining in the end only with a 10-15 cm. deep. The other 26 graves were in an urn shape with or without a lid. Most of them were manufactured at the potters wheel with a grey or red colour. Only 5 of them were hand made, belonging to jar vesels. Seven graves from the 26 were without a lid .The majority of the lids were made by potters wheel plates, fragments from urn-vesels and fruits vesels. Only just one of the fragments was in connection with a lid made for this function. Almost all the graves were destroyed, most of them because of the soil erosion. Even some of them which were in good shape had been affected by the erosion, beeing cracked. The cremation graves had in their inventary personals jewelleries : beads, different objects made by iron and bronze, especially clams, pins, an iron neck chain an earrings or some pandantives engraved from silver. By these new discoveries made until now, we are able to say that the cremation necropolis from Izvoare-Bahna, Neamt district, is a part of the cremation necropolis category.

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