Note asupra artei romane provinciale. Pe marginea cartii prof. J.M.C. Tuynbee

Subiect: Remarks on the Roman provincial Art. About Prof. J.M.C. Toynbee's Book Reviewing I. M. C. Toynbee's book about the art in Roman Britain, the author of the article deals with some problems referring to the Roman provincial art and mainly with its constituent elements, such as the Roman and autochthonous elements, the foreign influences arriving mostly through the neighbouring provinces. Then some analogies are presented between the art in Britain and that one in Dacia, namely some figures of Sphinx from the museums of Deva and Alba Iulia. These figures show three different groups of monuments: some of them are represented without the head of a medusa, others with it and someone's represent the dead's head. This last group shows an evident similarity with the figure of Sphinx from Walbrook.

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